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Women as Inclusive Business partners

13 May 2015

The initiative ‘Women as Inclusive Business partners’ from BoP Innovation Center and ICCO Cooperation supports the private sector in strategy development to better engage women ...

Smallholders link to supply supermarkets

16 April 2015

A food safety crisis in Vietnam has opened the door to smallholder vegetable producers in the north-western ...


Source: ACIAR - Partners magazine

Moc Chau safe vegetables for the common interest of farmers, suppliers, retailers and consumers

5 March 2015

Moc Chau safe vegetables are now presented daily on the tables of many families, canteens and restaurants in Hanoi ...


Source: ACIAR in Vietnam magazine

Nutrition sensitive agriculture - Looking through a nutrition lens

5 December 2014

Vietnam is in the process of providing the food necessary for health and growth. The trend in Vietnam is too little-too bad or too much-too sweet/fat ...