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Agricultural economist
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Position: Agricultural economist

Department: Business Development
Location: Yangon, Myanmar
Report to: Country Manager Myanmar

Agricultural economist


We are looking for an Agricultural economist in Yangon, Myanmar. As an agricultural economist, your main responsibility will be to provide insights in all economic and financial aspects of agriculture production, processing and trade in Myanmar.

You will be responsible for collecting both qualitative and quantitative data, analyzing this data and reporting. The scope of work covers all agricultural sectors in Myanmar and all stages of food chains: from input supply, primary production to processing, trade, and consumption. As part of the multi-disciplinary Fresh Studio team, you will play a key role to use these insights to change product chains into value chains.


Tasks and Responsibilities


A. Farm economics and improving farm management

  • Set up and implement both quantitative surveys and qualitative surveys to obtain a deep understanding of current farm management systems, productivity and profitability trends, bottlenecks, and opportunities which farmers face in a certain sector
  • Being part of a multi-disciplinary team, which will combine the collected insights and the latest applied research insights, with participatory learning methods to increase the skills of farmers to manage their farm business. Within this team, the agriculture economist is expected to provide all economic insights and train/support farmers to improve their financial understanding and management of their farm.
  • Setup a farm monitoring system with which, on a daily basis, for a representative group of farmers, all input-output data are collected, with which farm management styles can be compared, both from an agronomic and financial point of view. These insights are summarized in individual farm reports, in which a farmer’s current management is benchmarked with other farmers. This forms an important input for discussions in farmer study groups, and participatory technology development processes, all aimed towards facilitating farmers to improve their farm management.
  • Together with the Fresh Studio agronomist, facilitate trials to test proposed changes in farm management, monitor these trials and provide the financial insights required to evaluate the trials.


B. Value chain analysis & Value chain development

  • To be a member of the multi-disciplinary Fresh Studio value chain team, which analyses the structure, conduct and performance of various food chains. These insights will be used to work with carefully selected actors in the chain to develop a value chain.
  • Analyse the characteristics and financial performance of all actors active in a food chain from input supply till final consumption. Analyse topics such as: traded volumes, prices, value, number of actors, number of jobs created by the current chain, margins division within the chain, trends, bottlenecks, opportunities, possible change agents etc.
  • Cost benefit analysis and financial analysis of investments which aim to upgrade product chains to value chains.


C. Market and sector studies

  • Undertake market and sector studies which will provide insights in the structure, conduct and performance of certain markets. For example, the market of broiler meat in Yagon. How large is the current demand, which different channels are supplying this market, who are the key actors in each channel, what volumes/prices/value/prices in the different channels etc.
  • Monitor the agricultural sectors by keeping an eye on trends that affect the agricultural production, distribution, and consumption in Myanmar.
  • Analyze collected data using appropriate statistical methods to inform, influence, and improve the business decisions of clients, agricultural organizations or public policy makers;
  • Establishing an extensive network among farmers, traders, companies, authorities, and financial institutions to stay informed about agricultural developments.


D. Consultancy

  • Support the country manager in acquisition processes
  • Create work plans and budgets based on a Terms of Reference
  • Implement the work plan in a professional and independent manner
  • Set up protocols and systems to monitor work performance
  • Create brief and professional reports about executed work


Selection procedure

You can send your motivation letter and CV to yourcareer@freshstudio.vn. For more information, please contact the Fresh Studio HR Manager through yourcareer@freshstudio.vn