Potato trials planted in North Vietnam and the Central Highlands

As part of a project of NAK AGRO to strengthen the Vietnamese seed potato production sector Fresh Studio is carrying out potato trials in North Vietnam and in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Potato is an important crop in Vietnam of which the current annual demand is surpassing the annual produced volume. One reason for this is that the established seed potato production sector in Vietnam is not well-organized. This results in poor availability of good quality potato seeds for farmers, which in the end is limiting the current potato production potential in Vietnam.

Since 2011, NAK AGRO is implementing a project in order to strengthen the Vietnamese seed potato production sector. As part of this project local authorities are trained in the production and inspection of seed potatoes. To support these training activities and to identify potential potato varieties to produce in Vietnam, Fresh Studio is performing potato trials in North Vietnam and the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The potato varieties will be harvested in 2014.

Fresh Studio honoured as Best Innovative and Sustainable Company of the Year

The Belgium, Luxemburg and Dutch chambers of commerce in Vietnam, organized the joint BeNeLux Business Award on the 14th of March to encourage the development of local best practices, promote collaboration, and recognize the performance of companies and individuals.

Fresh Studio proudly received two Awards for “Best Innovative Company of the Year” and “Best Sustainable Company of the Year”. A five headed jury including the CEOs of DHL Vietnam, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and several professors from leading business schools, selected Fresh Studio as winners, with Philips and Akzo Nobel as runner-up’s in second place in respectively the “Best innovation” and “Best Sustainable” categories. The jury selected Fresh Studio because of its enormous contribution to make the agriculture sector in Vietnam more professional, more sustainable and more profitable.

During the award ceremony the Fresh Studio director stressed the importance of agriculture feeding the current 88 million Vietnamese, providing jobs for 60% of the population and playing a key role in the world market with products such as rice, coffee and fish. He further thanked the Fresh Studio clients, partners, staff and farmers, who have made it possible for Fresh Studio to make its contribution to the Vietnamese agriculture sector.

BeNeLux Business Awards 2014:

Best Company of the YearDe Heus
Best Start Up Company of the YearDobla and Vietnammm
Best Innovative Company of the YearFresh Studio
Best Sustainable Company of the YearFresh Studio
Best Manager of the Year (senior)Mr. Gabor FluitGeneral director De Heus

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Source: Beluxcham.com 

Fresh Studio speech during opening of exhibition ‘Stories of markets’

With its history of establishment and special and unique culture, Hanoi was in the past named Kẻ Chợ. Markets exist, develop and change along the rhythm of life of the capital city.

Many markets in Hanoi now only exist in people’s memories as they have been turned into commercial centers or disappeared but markets are still present as part of the history and culture of Hanoi and are essential for each family.

The Exhibition “Stories of Markets” shared with visitors memories of old markets, real situation of present markets and expectations for future markets through archive photos and diverse and multi-dimensional voices from people, sellers and buyers. During the opening of exhibition ‘Stories of markets’Sigrid Wertheim-Heck, Director Marketing and Business Development Fresh Studio presented her perspective on the development of markets:

“First of all Fresh Studio would like to thank the Vietnamese Women’s Museum for the invitation for collaboration to jointly and with shared passion prepare this exhibition. 

My organization, Fresh Studio, has the mission to make safe and good foods available to consumers in Vietnam. With markets dominant in food, and in particular fresh food, distribution, we are pleased to be able to contribute to an exhibition that puts the past presence and future of markets center stage.

Living in Vietnam for over 7 years I have followed the developments of multiple markets. To me markets are like the soul of the city. Markets represent the Vietnamese love for food and the social cohesion in communities. It is at markets that not only daily foods are purchased, but also where people meet and greet and stories are shared. It is essentially within this meaning beyond economic transactions of goods and money, that markets are a unique retailing concept that can’t be compared with so called ‘modern’ supermarkets and convenience shops.

Indeed, markets face challenges in meeting the safety and hygiene requirements of modern times, but as this exhibition so beautifully demonstrates, markets are not static. They transform over time. Currently markets in Vietnam are on the crossroad for future development. When looking ahead it is important to appreciate their past and present meaning in everyday life.

We hope you all enjoy the exhibition and wish that it inspires the sharing of stories and thoughts on markets, ranging from childhood memories to contemporary anecdotes and suggestions for future development.

Thank you.”

+ Download speech in PDF (75,6 KB)


Source: Fresh Studio, Sigrid Wertheim-Heck

Language: English

Publication date: March 2014

Read more about the exhibition ‘Stories of Markets’:

Exhibition “Stories of Markets” at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum in Hanoi

Value Chain ‘travel workshop’ program for Cao Bang delegation

For local policy makers from Cao Bang province, Fresh Studio organized a program from Dalat to the Red River and urban Hanoi. This program, organized as a workshop aimed at value chain development and the specific role of policy makers in this matter.

With the aim of improving the life of people in rural areas, Lux Development supports the IFAD funded Developing Business with the Rural Poor (DBRP) program. This program assists local Cao Bang authorities in value chain development and their specific role therein. One of the objectives is to enable local authorities in taking an active role in the development of value chains for Cao Bang products targeting urban markets like Hanoi. This requires that local authorities understand the meaning of value chains.  In particular, when working with perishable products it will be vital to understand how and where in the chain the ‘added value’ can be created. Important points for consideration are:

  • How is the added value shared?
  • How is Quality Assurance arranged?
  • How is added value marketed to whom and by whom?
  • Who is the chain leader?

Fresh Studio was approach by LUX Development for assistance in strengthening the knowledge of value chain development and creating a deeper understanding of implications and organisations of value chains.

Building on extensive experience with value chain development in Vietnam, Fresh Studio organised a ‘travel workshop’ program focusing on strengthening the knowledge and understanding of Cao Bang policy makers on value chain development in a practical and structured way.

Traveling along a value chain from Dalat to the Red River Delta and urban Hanoi, from production to consumption practical examples were combined with background information. This enabled the participants to translate the lessons learned to their own Cao Bang development context.

The program was completed with a classroom workshop that specifically addressed the structure and organization of value chains. Moreover it enabled the active sharing of lessons learned and ideas in developing value chains for Cao Bang products.