Vietnam has grown into one of the largest exporters of aquaculture products in the world. Especially fish species such as pangasius and tilapia are commonly farmed in Vietnam and exported. The production and export of shrimps is however also increasing fast. In Myanmar, the aquaculture sector is less developed, but it has a lot of potentials to develop and grow in the coming years.

Although a lot of aquaculture products are exported from Vietnam to international markets there is still ample of room to make the production of aquaculture species more sustainable, climate resilient, and in compliance with food safety standards. Similar to fruit and vegetable farmers, aquaculture farmers are eager to meet this increasing demand, but often lack access to knowledge, finance, and the technical means to consistently deliver to the standards required.

In addition, production is fragmented across many smallholders increasing the complexity of developing a strong and stable value chain. Since 2010 Fresh Studio has worked to enhance the production and handling of aquaculture species. Often starting with small-scale applied research and development, leading into pilots to test and introduce innovations on a commercial scale.

Our team of experienced aquaculture consultants works together with aquaculture growers, fish feed suppliers, and other technology providers to improve the production methods applied, introduce new technologies, and support aquaculture growers to meet market requirements for sustainable production, food safety, product quality, and volume.