At A glance

Dedicated to deliver enjoyment to consumers, we do so through sustainable business development. Our scope of work ranges from agricultural inputs to fresh produce, processed goods and end consumer products. 

Assuring food quality and safety is one of our core competencies. Since 2006, we have worked passionately to assist our clients to improve all practices from farm to fork. We inspire our clients with refreshing insights into their sourcing, quality assurance and marketing opportunities. 

Awareness and understanding are prerequisites for doing business in Asia. With knowledge and experience from our work in different countries and cultures, we assist our clients in developing this crucial mindset. 

With our teams based in Vietnam, Myanmar and the Netherlands we look forward assisting you to further develop your business in Asia and enhance the development of a sustainable and inclusive agricultural sector in the region.


“Grow better lives from farmers to consumers by making our clients successful in the production and marketing of sustainable food”