Biological pest control

With our partner Koppert we offer a range of biological control agents (natural enemies) enabling farmers to control pest in an integrated and sustainable manner. In this way farmers are enabled to produce safer crops and while maintaining or improving product quality.

At this moment the following biological control agents can be supplied:


Amblyseius swirskii


Neoseiulus californicus


Phytoseiulus persimilis


Steinernema feltiae

our partner for biological crop protection

To make our world more sustainable, we need ways of growing that are both safe and healthy. We believe the answers to these agricultural challenges lie in nature itself. So we partner with nature. And help our planet to find its balance. Using natural enemies to combat pests, bumblebees for pollination, microbials, and biostimulants that support, protect, and strengthen crops. Improving plant health both above and underground.

More is possible!

We have submitted several new applications for biological control agents and hope we can expand our portfolio of biological control agents in the near future.