Irrigation systems

All plants need water to grow, and although Vietnam has a lot of water resources, it is becoming increasingly important to use available water resources most efficiently. Furthermore, the applied irrigation strategy often combines with fertilizer application has major impact on the performance of the crops grown. With our irrigation partners Elysee and Hydro Systems we can offer you a complete package of irrigation solutions for your irrigation and fertilizer application needs,

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For 40 years already Elysee is a major producer of irrigations components. Elysee’s world-class products bring innovative and efficient solutions that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Reliable, consistent water flow from products that are durable and easy to install. Elysee solutions are ideal for open-field farming such as crop rows and orchards, greenhouses, glasshouses, nurseries, and more.

World leader in delivering dispensing and dosing solutions. With strategic partnerships, innovative solutions and more than 50 years of experience, Our products serve numerous dosing and dispensing applications within irrigation, horticulture and other industries. Hydro Systems ensures dosing is always accurate, safe and cost effective, helping customers clean with confidence.

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