Manual: Greenhouse vegetable production

Vegetable cultivation started in the open field and for a large number of crops is still the preferred option. Especially when comparing financial inputs and outputs.

In some regions or during some seasons it is however difficult to grow certain vegetable crops, due to the climate conditions. In order to still produce these corps “out of the season” protective houses, which protected the crop from the environmental conditions were made. With better quality and production methods for glass and plastic these first proactive houses evaluated to the current moderns greenhouse structures. In the most modern greenhouse structures the climate inside is completely controlled automatic by computers. Greenhouse production in Vietnam and especially in Lam Dong province is expanding fast. First mainly bamboo greenhouses were used, but more and more steel structures are being built currently. In this manual we like to highlight some important point to consider when selecting which greenhouse to build.

+ Cultivation in greenhouse VNE (203 KB)


Source: Fresh Studio

Language: Vietnamese

Publication date: April 2012