Moc Chau vegetables gaining a strong foothold in Hanoi market

Over the past summer, vegetable production in the three farmer groups in Moc Chau supported by the project “Improved market engagement for counter-seasonal vegetable producers in North West Vietnam” has improved the quality and safety of vegetables for Hanoi consumers.

The quality of vegetables including tomatoes, beans and cabbage sold by Moc Chau farmers to retailers in Hanoi has tripled from 60 tons last year to nearly 180 tons this year.

43 farmers form 3 villages have increased their production area form just 4 hectares last year to 18 hectares this season and diversified their assortment of crops to improve their overall market offer.

Farmers also made investments in their farms of which the adoption of basic net-covered greenhouses is the most significant. After returning from a study trip to Da Lat this year, they expanded from just 3 net houses last year to 9 this year. This investment will enable farmers to grown higher value crops such as lettuces and broccoli during the lowland off season.


^ Moc Chau farmers putting up basic protective structures

Farmers in Moc Chau have been strongly supported by agronomists from the Northern Mountainous Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute (NOMAFSI), consulting firm Fresh Studio and Hanoi Agricultural University. These groups worked together offering technical support, organizing field days and market feedback sessions, and training farmers in record keeping and food safety regulations of Safe Vegetable Certification, VietGAP and METRO Requirement.

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Source: ACIAR in Vietnam magazine

Publication date: January 2014

This development is a result of the collaboration with project:

Creation of a value chain for vegetables in North Vietnam