Providing the roots of your plants with the optimal growing conditions is very important to make sure your plants develop well and give you an excellent yield. With BVB Substrates we can supply with any kind of growing media (substrate). Often mixes are tailor made to ensure the roots and your plants will develop in the best possible way.

All substrates supplied are certified according to the highest standards in the market and disease free. From professional seedling production, to professional main production and even peat soil for home gardening, we can supply it all. Even special substrate for mushroom production or roofs we can supply.

With our partner BvB-Substrates we are the largest supplier of imported substrates for the professional horticulture sector in Vietnam

Our partner for growing media

BVB Substrates is one of the product brands by Kekkilä-BVB, the European leader in horticulture. Kekkilä-BVB provides products and services for professional greenhouse growers, consumers and landscapers in over 100 countries globally. Together with our customers we grow for a better future.

products we offer for growing media

Seedling production

Which seedlings or young plants you want to produce, BVB Substrates can provide you with the right mixture to optimize germination and development of your healthy seedlings. Special care is taken that all mixtures are disease free, so you don’t need to worry about any soil borne diseases.

Featured products:

Thai Mix

SE Mix

Vegetables & leafy greens

BVB Substrates supplies a wide range of substrates for the vegetables cultivation, from modern glasshouse hydroponic industry to open field cultivations. Substrates with different properties produced according to the requirements of the grower. Water retention, controllability, vegetative / generative nature, air ratio, volume and cultivation system are factors which need to take into account to get the best results.

Featured products:

Vegetable grow slab

Soft fruits

Our substrates used for soft fruit production are a result of many years of experiences, trials and feedback from researchers, advisers and growers. We can supply the most suitable growing media for each soft fruit cultivation system. BVB Substrates is the specialist in substrates for the soft fruit sector

Featured products:

Strawberry grow slab

Ornamental plants

We at BVB Substrates produce tailor made mixes for the cultivation of various ornamental plants such as cut flowers, flowering pot plants or bedding and patio plants. We will help you find the best substrates for your specific situation. Our Premium mixes are produced according the required physical characteristics such as water and air ratio, and chemical characteristics like fertilisation.

Featured products:

Orchid mix

Pot plant mix

Raw materials

We can supply you a wide range of the best raw materials to make your own substrate mix. All materials are continuously checked and analyzed to ensure their specifications and quality.

Featured products:



Pine bark

Spaghum moss

Consumer range potting soils

Jardino potting soils offers a complete range of potting soils for all your gardening needs.

Jardino offers for each plant type the ideal potting soil mix to ensure your plants grow well. All mixed have been developed in consultation with professional growers.

Making gardening and joyful and fun activity

More is possible!

We can supply a much larger range of substrates.
Please contact us with your inquiry, so we together with BvB-substrates can follow it up with you!