Fresh studio assists in sourcing of Pangasius for international airlines

CAN THO – Pangasius fish is sustainably farmed in the Mekong delta of Vietnam, and a large part of the production sites are now certified for International farming standard such as GlobalGAP, B.A.P, and lately the ASC standard (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) has been introduced.

Pangasius is sold in more than 130 countries, mostly processed into white, skinless, boneless fillets with a neutral taste. It is a nutritious product with a low to moderate fat content and high levels of protein. Pangasius has all the characteristics to be an excellent substitute to the over-fished marine species.

In accordance with its sustainability policy, a leader of the airline catering industry, supplying over 25 million meals to over thirty scheduled carriers has selected Fresh Studio to assist them in the sourcing of their pangasius fillets from Vietnam.

After having advised this catering company during the supplier selection process, Fresh Studio carries out processing supervision, consignment inspection, and product sampling for laboratory analysis, to ensure that the final product matches the required high-end specifications in terms of food safety and quality.