Setting up a vegetable and fish sourcing system

Since 2007, Fresh Studio has been contracted by a multinational wholesaler to manage and develop their vegetable and fish sourcing systems, with the aim to improve product quality and safety standards.

The assignment began with the establishment of a sourcing system in Dalat (Central Highlands of Vietnam). A certified sourcing system with over 150 contracted farmers was drawn up, and a new state-of-the-art HACCP certified pack house was designed and constructed. This system has been running very successfully for over 5 years, and the volumes produced, along with the number of farmers involved, are growing steadily. Every day the Fresh Studio sourcing team is handling over 150 different SKUs, preparing them for nationwide distribution to our client stores.

Inspired by the success of this project, our client asked us to develop a similar system for vegetables in the North of Vietnam, and for fish in Southern Vietnam.

Our aims are:

  • To develop year round supply of guaranteed high quality and safe vegetables from North Vietnam, Fresh Studio is working with 100 smallholder vegetable farmers in the lowlands of the Red River Delta, as well as the poorer and more remote farmers located in the mountains in the North. Using the climatic advantage of the cooler mountains in North Vietnam, a regional solution is being developed to supplement the vegetable supply from the Red River Delta during the summer period, thus creating the possibility for year round supply of guaranteed high quality and safe vegetables from North Vietnam.
  • Almost all investments and professionalization in the aquaculture sector of Vietnam have just focussed on pangasius and shrimp, which are the main seafood export products. But as our client targets the 88 million domestic consumers, nobody till date had developed a professional fresh fish sourcing and processing system targeting the 80 fish species which the Vietnamese love to eat. Within two years time Fresh Studio assisted its client to setup and manage the first fresh fish processing facility and developed a sourcing system which now every day sources fresh fish from over 100 well trained and certified fish farmers and 20 preferred marine and fresh water certified fish collectors.

Brochure: METRO Vietnam Fish sourcing

Brochure created by Fresh Studio for METRO Vietnam Fish sourcing project …

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Publication date: June 2012Also interesting to read:

Fish platform opening

CAN THO – Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam on 2 November inaugurated its first platform in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho under the public-private partnership (PPP) format.

Located in the same location of Metro Can Tho wholesale center, the platform consists of a processing area, cold storage rooms and waste storage rooms to ensure food safety and hygiene.

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Publication date: November 2011Also interesting to read:

Development of professional fresh fish chain

CAN THO – Since late 2010, Fresh Studio’s aquaculture and fisheries team has worked hard to assist a client in developing the first professional fresh fish chain of Vietnam.

The Vietnamese aquaculture sector currently focuses on deep frozen export chains for pangasius and shrimp. This chain project focuses on over 50 fish species already popular in the domestic market. The domestic chain consists of only fresh fish, which requires strict product quality control.

During large fish farmer information sessions, widely covered by Vietnamese television and newspapers, the targets for the new fish sourcing system were presented. An overwhelming number of farmers registered to join the new program. Over 250 fish farmers have since been trained in the required product specifications, and to comply with aquaculture production standards. The first supply of fresh fish, through a newly developed professional fresh fish processing facility, will begin soon.Also interesting to read:

Fresh Studio Vietnam growing rapidly

DALAT – Besides consulting and R&D, Fresh Studio is also offering logistic services to its clients, by managing fresh produce distribution centers.

From the 1st of March Fresh Studio will manage two of the distribution centres for its client. One focuses on vegetables and one on fruits. Both centres will professionally handle over 9000 tons of fruit and vegetables in 2009.

The number of staff working for Fresh Studio in Vietnam has increased to 65 persons and by the end of 2009 will reach close to 100 staff.

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