Fresh Studio presenting at Asia Fruit Logistica

Fresh Studio was invited to give a presentation during the business forum of the Asia Fruit Logistica. Fresh Studio’s managing director Siebe van Wijk gave a presentation titled: “Safe food for Urban Asia: Innovations in sourcing and marketing”.

The Asia Fruit Logistica is Asia’s leading trade show for the fresh produce sector. The Asia Fruit Logistica of 2013 attracted more than 6,500 top decision-makers from 64 countries to Hong Kong. For the first time, the team from the AsiaFruitCongress organized a business forum during the fair. Jan Doldersum of Rijk Zwaan (the Netherlands) and Siebe van Wijk of Fresh Studio (Vietnam) were invited to give a presentation about production innovations in Asia.

Jan Doldersum started with a interesting presentation about innovations as “roof top farming in Asia”, “Vertical farming systems” and “Hydroponic lettuce production using LED lights”.

Siebe’s presentation focused on the demand of Vietnamese consumers with regard to safe produce. The results are based on a large vegetable shop census consumer and intercept interviews in Hanoi (for additional information see Vegetable market locations in Hanoi). How the consumer demand can be met by introducing innovations in production, was shown with results of the work of the Fresh Studio R&D team:

  • introduction of greenhouse farming systems with crop lines and rice husk substrate;
  • extensive testing of new higher yielding and higher quality varieties.

In order to capture the demand for safe vegetables with premium prices, Fresh Studio developed a successful marketing campaign in Hanoi supermarkets for a safe vegetable brand. The presentation ended with showing images of this exciting campaign.

Questions from the audience after the presentation varied from “Why did you start Fresh Studio in Vietnam? There would be a big need for such a company in China as well” to “How do you communicate about the appearance of the greenhouse vegetables? If they look too good consumers might start to worry they have not been safely produced”.

For more information about the business forum at the AsiaFruitLogistica, please visit: www.asiafruitlogistica.comAlso interesting to read:

Brochure: The Fruit Republic corporate brochure

Corporate brochure created by Fresh Studio for The Fruit Republic …

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Source: Fresh Studio

Language: English

Publication date: Junly 2013Also interesting to read:

Fresh Studio investigates fruit sector of Cambodia

PHNOM PHEN – Siebe van Wijk and Jeroen Pasman recently returned from Cambodia, where they investigated the potential of the Cambodian fruit sector for exports within Asia and possibly to Europe.

To date, the Cambodian fruit sector has not been considered a viable proposition. Siebe and Jeroen found a vibrant domestic sector, relatively high domestic fruit prices, and several good quality domestically produced fruits, which certainly have potential for exports to Asia and Europe.Also interesting to read:

Fresh Studio at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin

BERLIN – Siebe van Wijk and Alex van Andel visited the Fruit Logistica in Berlin.

During the world’s largest fruit and vegetable trade fair, with over 50,000 visitors and 3,000 represented companies, Siebe and Alex interviewed over 70 fruit and vegetable trading companies for one of Fresh Studio’s clients. The aim of the survey was to identify which tropical exotic fruits and vegetables from Cambodia have the biggest market potential to be imported by large European, Asian and Middle Eastern importers.

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METRO Dalat Fruit and Vegetable Distribution Centre HACCP certified

DALAT – The METRO DC for fruits and vegetables in Dalat officially received a HACCP certificate for the “Pre-processing and packing of fruits and vegetables”, from Bureau Veritas.

METRO Cash & Carry is one of the few companies in Vietnam which seriously invests into the development of fruit and vegetable value chains. The HACCP certification was one activity in a large investment program jointly managed by Metro Cash & Carry the Netherlands, METRO Cash & Carry Vietnam and the Dutch PSOM program.

As METRO’s service provider, Fresh Studio Innovations Asia Limited assisted in training and preparing the METRO team for the HACCP certification. We congratulate the whole team in achieving this milestone.Also interesting to read:

Trade opportunities for seasonal fruit in Asian markets

HANOI – Fresh Studio is a multinational consulting, R&D and marketing development company in Asia which collaborates with growers and their suppliers towards the realization of added value to joint projects.

The company has offices operating in several Asian countries, servicing customers recognized worldwide. One of Fresh Studio´s Managing Partners will feature as a speaker at the Asiafruit Congress and Asia Fruit Logistica.

“Fresh Studio observes Asia as the consumer market that is fast becoming the biggest in the world. Here, largest part of the world’s population is living and where most of the economic growth is concentrated. This provides many opportunities for growth and especially for trade,” says Van Wijk. One of the interesting conclusions Fresh Studio notes, are trade opportunities arising from seasonal differences between Asian countries.

Another development that deserves attention is the increased interest in food safety and responsiveness to branding, which is starting to have an enormous impact on sales. Asian consumers display a curiosity to discover new products. They have high esteem for products from Australia, Europe, Chile and South Africa. Fresh Studio works within these areas, looking to create value, improve efficiency, and develop premium products and processes in the entire value chain to create uniqueness for its clients, and to provide consumers with an enjoyable and reliable food experience. This way, Fresh Studio intends to become the most recognized initiator and developer of unique value chains, and an accelerator of innovations adopted by the fresh food industry in Asia.

It will become more important for companies exporting to Asia to be based in Asia itself and to be close to the consumer, benefiting from the cheaper labor costs. In addition, much of the R&D talent will be Asian. Asian populations are young, agricultural universities are full, and people are eager to learn. International companies show more and more interest in selling fresh produce to Asia, and to deploy domestic market research.

At the Asiafruit Congress, Fresh Studio will present how it aims to convert product chains into value chains. The majority of fresh produce trade in Asia involves product chains, competing on price alone. By using some of its projects as examples, Van Wijk will illustrate what Fresh Studio is doing to transform these into value chains.

“We really like to invite investors from Europe to come investigate what is happening in Asia, to see and experience the amazing developments taking place. After such a trip, serious entrepreneurs will not hesitate to enter the Asian market,” concludes Van Wijk.

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