Brochure: METRO Vietnam Fish sourcing

Brochure created by Fresh Studio for METRO Vietnam Fish sourcing project …

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Source: Fresh Studio

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Publication date: June 2012Also interesting to read:

Farmers METRO Requirement certified

DALAT – In their efforts to improve the quality of vegetables, which METRO Cash & Carry sources through its state-of-the-art HACCP certified fresh produce distribution centre in Dalat, the first groups of farmers received METRO’s own private standard certificate for Good Agricultural Practices.

After eight months of very hard work by the farmers and one co-operative, a small celebratory party was organized for the handover of certificates. The farmers were bound to comply with 54 control points, which result in high quality vegetables meeting strict food safety standards.

After certification, the farmers were contracted as preferred suppliers by METRO. They will become part of METRO’s unique farm monitoring and extension program which is managed by Fresh Studio.Also interesting to read:

METRO Dalat Fruit and Vegetable Distribution Centre HACCP certified

DALAT – The METRO DC for fruits and vegetables in Dalat officially received a HACCP certificate for the “Pre-processing and packing of fruits and vegetables”, from Bureau Veritas.

METRO Cash & Carry is one of the few companies in Vietnam which seriously invests into the development of fruit and vegetable value chains. The HACCP certification was one activity in a large investment program jointly managed by Metro Cash & Carry the Netherlands, METRO Cash & Carry Vietnam and the Dutch PSOM program.

As METRO’s service provider, Fresh Studio Innovations Asia Limited assisted in training and preparing the METRO team for the HACCP certification. We congratulate the whole team in achieving this milestone.Also interesting to read:

Training farmers in the METRO Requirement standard

DALAT – Fresh Studio has given the first out of 20 training workshops to introduce the METRO Requirement standard to about 500 vegetable farmers in Lam Dong Province, Vietnam.

The METRO Requirement standard was developed by Fresh Studio within the framework of a project with Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam. To assure the quality of its vegetables, Metro Cash & Carry has invested in a state-of-the-art distribution center in Dalat, and in a direct farm sourcing program. To assure quality and basic food safety, Fresh Studio developed the METRO Requirement standard in such a way that after intensive coaching, Vietnamese smallholders will be able to meet this standard. After a first introduction about METRO Requirement to about 500 farmers, a smaller group of farmers were selected to become dedicated long term suppliers for METRO. Through an intensive extension program, these farmers will be assisted to fulfill the METRO Requirement. This long-term investment should result in a growing market share for METRO Cash & Carry in the domestic vegetable market, so that it can add an increasing number of farmers to its program.

During the training workshop, Ms. Mathilde Thuy of Metro Cash & Carry elaborated on Metro’s activities and the project in Lam Dong Province. After this, Fresh Studio’s Uyen Nguyen explained to farmers in an interactive workshop, what the requirements for the Metro GAP system are. After a presentation on food safety hazards during daily activities (such as spraying pesticide application), the farmers were challenged to use their own experience and knowledge to carry out a risk assessment.

After the workshop all farmers received a workshop participation certificate and a gift box. Using the gift box, farmers could immediately start implementing lessons from the workshop. The box contained, among other items, soap bars to remind farmers about hygiene lessons from their training – hands must be kept clean to prevent micro-biological contamination of fresh vegetables. The box itself can also be used to store pesticides securely.