Manual: Scouting of pests and diseases in crops

Crop scouting is an essential part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM uses field specific information and improved decision making to protect a crop’s yield and quality while minimizing the use of crop protection products. Crop scouting provides field specific information on pest and disease pressure within a crop.

In order to choose the best pest or disease control management option it is very important that crop scouting is done timely and accurately.

  • Timely: for most crops it is recommended to scout the crop at least once per week and more often when favourable conditions occur for the development of certain pests or diseases.
  • Accurately: a pest or disease needs to be identified and the level of the pest or disease present in the field needs to be determined accurately to be able to select the best control strategy.

When implemented successfully crop scouting will reduce the amount of crop protection products used while increasing the yield and quality of a crop.

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Source: Fresh Studio

Language: Vietnamese

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