NAJK study tour visits Fresh Studio

NAJK, a Dutch association for young farmers, organized a study tour through Vietnam in which agriculture and food security are the central topics. On the 25th of November they visited Fresh Studio in HCMC to discuss these themes.

A delegation of young farmers visited Vietnam with the aim to develop a better understanding of Vietnam, the agricultural sector in particular and the challenges young farmers are facing here. The study tour focused on food security, the global context and the role agriculture plays within this issue.

The delegation visited Fresh Studio in HCMC where Mr. René van Rensen, R&D Director Crops of Fresh Studio, presented the mission of Fresh Studio to grow better lives from farmers to consumers. He shared insights into Fresh Studio’s work on how vegetable sourcing systems were developed in the Central highlands and North-Vietnam.

There were numerous questions of NAJK related to the challenges regarding agricultural production and food safety, which producers are facing in Vietnam and the differences compared with the Netherlands. René stated that the main challenges in Vietnam are: small scale agricultural production systems and the fragmented market. In the 7 years he has been working in Vietnam he has seen improvement, by better cooperation within agricultural supply chains and the increasing level of production of agricultural products. However, there is still a lot to achieve in Vietnam regarding production levels, food safety and sustainability.

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