Paper: Avocado in Vietnam. Value chain development beyond donor support

HANOI – Numerous initiatives implemented by international donors in Vietnam aiming for elevation of rural communities out of poverty, predominantly focus on farmers.

Paper contents:

Authors: S.C.O. Wertheim-Heck, P. Quaedackers, Nguyen Trung Anhb, M.S. van Wijk

1. Introduction

1.1 VCG literature in relation to the case under study

1.1.1 Global value vs. local value chains for pro-poor development
1.1.2 International lead firm vs. local lead firm
1.1.3 The role of the retail in relation to a new product introduction

1.2 Donor practices: Short term impact vs. long term business sustainability

1.3 The VC development facilitator

2. Case study – Avocado Value Chain Development in Vietnam

2.1 Methodology

2.2 Background

2.3 Participatory value chain analysis

2.4 Focus beyond farmers

2.4.1 Farmers
2.4.2 Collectors
2.4.3 Traders
2.4.4 Modern urban sales channels

2.5 The identification of a traditional trader as ‘lead firm’

2.6 Incorporation of the consumer perspective

2.7 Step by step approach

2.8 Results

3. Discussion: sustainable success: despite of or thanks to the differences?

3.1 Recommendations for further research

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Source: Fresh Studio

Publication date: April 2010Also interesting to read:

Dutch young man blowing fresh air for Vietnamese agricultural products

HANOI – In his story, Siebe van Wijk always used images to illustrate such as: farmers on the paddy field, harvester in green house, fish seller in the market.

All of these images contain a poor life, a smile, sad eyes and lament when there products are broken or reject. The young Dutch man talks about agricultural product of Vietnam as if it was the story of his family.

6 years ago, when he for the first time visited Vietnam, he fell in love with this country because there were quite some similarities with the Netherlands. For example by doing so well in agriculture, produce the value to feed the people, and the very high population density. Despite being a small country the Netherlands manage to be the second largest country in the world in terms of the value of exports of agriculture products, with a value of about $ 50 billions. Like the Dutch, Vietnamese like business, earn money, become the owner and develop. Each household farmer want to have progress, take risks, effort to get rich… but quite a large majority is still poor.

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Source: Tuoi Tre News paper

Publication date: April 2010Also interesting to read: