New vegetable hub under development for Vietnam

MOC CHAU – Fresh Studio and Applied Plant Research of Wageningen UR are working on vegetable trials in the Moc Chau area since 2007, and recently Fresh Studio joined a team of local and international experts from a range of aid and development organizations to improve the market engagement for counter-seasonal vegetable producers in Moc Chau..

Urban consumers in North Vietnam encounter problems buying guaranteed safe vegetables especially during the hot and humid summer period in North Vietnam which starts in April and lasts until September. Because temperatures and humidity are too high in the Red River Delta plains to produce the required range of vegetables and there is limited supply of vegetables from Dalat from April to September, markets in North Vietnam are flooded with vegetables imported from China. This concerns consumers and government regulators due to questionable food safety standards.

The climatic advantage of the cooler mountains of Moc Chau, Son La province, an area 4-5 hours from Hanoi is used to develop a regional solution to supplement the vegetable supply from the Red River Delta during the summer period.

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Source: AsiaFruit Magazine

Publication date: May 2012 / April 2013Also interesting to read: