BopInc and partners publishes: A new form of interaction among equal stakeholders

BoP Innovation Center (BopInc) published their fourth publication in a series of 5 about Co-creating BoP ventures – A new form of interaction to develop shared value among equal stakeholders. BoPInc captered their learnings with support of its partners, among others Fresh Studio.

Co-creation is the development of shared value through a new form of interaction between equal stakeholders in an open environment. It allows the development of a more relevant solution through the better understanding of all requirements.

Developing inclusive innovations is an iterative process. Through this process, the value proposition, partnership, market, business and ecosystem need to be developed. In each of these steps during the process, co-creation is the interaction for reaching sustainable social impact, especially when end-users or consumers are the co-creators.

The publication is available through download on the BopInc website

Brochure: The Fruit Republic corporate brochure

Corporate brochure created by Fresh Studio for The Fruit Republic …

+ The Fruit Republic corporate brochure (1,5 MB)


Source: Fresh Studio

Language: English

Publication date: Junly 2013Also interesting to read: