Relocation of Fresh Studio’s head office in Hanoi, Vietnam

Fresh Studio is pleased to announce the relocation of its headquarters in Hanoi. The move to a new location is motivated by our expanding activities and increase of staff. The new office includes a state of the art facility for food products testing among end-consumers, the “Fresh Studio Taste Lab”.

Our new head office address:

2nd and 3rd floor

5B Lane 111, Xuan Dieu Street, Quang An Ward,

Tay Ho District, Hanoi

Việt Nam

The building is conveniently located and can be easily reached from different directions: Noi Bai airport, the Hanoi city centre and main urban residential districts of Hanoi. 

The new location, besides modern and spacious office facilities, provides also a professional taste lab equipped with state of the art kitchen technologies. The “Fresh Studio Taste Lab” offers the opportunity to conduct sensory tests with fresh and processed food products among producers, end-consumers and professional users.

With this new facility Fresh Studio offers now a unique R&D service that ranges from production at our R&D farms (2 for vegetables and 1 for aquaculture) up until product testing. Fresh Studio is the only consultancy firm in Vietnam capable of testing food products on both agronomical and market performance.

Please feel welcome to visit the new office. Contact Fresh Studio on +84 (0)4 37591380 for any queries.

Photos of our new head office

Fresh Studio, the best choice for my internship

As part of the study program of the University of Dalat, Dan conducted a three months internship at Fresh Studio. “It was just a short time, but a wonderful experience.”

Choice for Fresh Studio

I found Fresh Studio by Internet. I wrote a motivation letter, in which I described my previous experiences, and applied at the company. I was so happy that Fresh Studio accepted my request.

Internship assigment
My internship assignment was to make a ‘Green lolo trial’.

Furthermore, I had the opportunity to work with farmer at Suoi Thong B village in the Metro Requirement project. The first days, I was guided enthusiastically by Fresh Studio’s agronomists. I was introduced in the company and they informed me about the production process “Metro Requirement”. I also visited farmers in Dalat with the agronomists.

I started working at the Demo Farm. I provided different seed varieties, soil and fertilizers for testing green lolo. I worked with farmers, who produce safe vegetable in “Metro Requirement” project. I found this the most exciting part of the job. I checked their farm, noted their plants, fertilizer storage, pesticide storage… I experienced that farmers have multiple personalities; some are very friendly but some are very picky. But after some time, I was close to them. They shared many things about farming, crop and some things in life with me. My knowledge increased a lot.

Looking back at those 3 months, I have a lot of happy memories and unforgettable impressions. Fresh Studio is a professional working environment. People are very passionate about their work and we always made a lot of fun.
When my internship ended, the company organized a farewell party. I was deeply moved.

At this moment, I am back in college to continue my education. If I think about past time, I feel so happy and grateful for the company. Fresh Studio is not only a company but a family. I will strive and study hard to have the opportunity to be a member of the Fresh Studio family again.

Fresh Studio consultants attended a CBI seminar on market intelligence and ICSR

For strengthening the partnership between CBI and Fresh Studio in implementation of export coaching programs (ECP) in Vietnam, two consultants of Fresh Studio attended a seminar on updated ICSR and the use of CBI market intelligence database from 28-29 January 2014 in the Hague, the Netherlands.

The seminar was organized by the center for the promotion of imports from developing countries (CBI), an agency of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The seminar provided insights on how the CBI market intelligence database is used for EU market research. Moreover, the participating experts were updated on international corporate social responsibility (ICSR) standards that are required for businesses that have the ambition to export to EU markets.

More importantly, the participation of over 30 experts from 24 different developing counties across the globe from Asia to Africa provided good opportunities for the participating experts to update and share their experience in implementation of CBI programs in their own countries, and establish their networking for future information and experience exchanges.

This type of CBI seminar is an effective platform for the experts from developing economies to be updated on ICSR developments and sharing experiences on the implementation of CBI programs across sectors and countries.

Presentation CBI CSR training in the Hague: Open as PDF (5,21MB)

Fresh Studio honoured as Best Innovative and Sustainable Company of the Year

The Belgium, Luxemburg and Dutch chambers of commerce in Vietnam, organized the joint BeNeLux Business Award on the 14th of March to encourage the development of local best practices, promote collaboration, and recognize the performance of companies and individuals.

Fresh Studio proudly received two Awards for “Best Innovative Company of the Year” and “Best Sustainable Company of the Year”. A five headed jury including the CEOs of DHL Vietnam, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and several professors from leading business schools, selected Fresh Studio as winners, with Philips and Akzo Nobel as runner-up’s in second place in respectively the “Best innovation” and “Best Sustainable” categories. The jury selected Fresh Studio because of its enormous contribution to make the agriculture sector in Vietnam more professional, more sustainable and more profitable.

During the award ceremony the Fresh Studio director stressed the importance of agriculture feeding the current 88 million Vietnamese, providing jobs for 60% of the population and playing a key role in the world market with products such as rice, coffee and fish. He further thanked the Fresh Studio clients, partners, staff and farmers, who have made it possible for Fresh Studio to make its contribution to the Vietnamese agriculture sector.

BeNeLux Business Awards 2014:

Best Company of the YearDe Heus
Best Start Up Company of the YearDobla and Vietnammm
Best Innovative Company of the YearFresh Studio
Best Sustainable Company of the YearFresh Studio
Best Manager of the Year (senior)Mr. Gabor FluitGeneral director De Heus

Fresh Studio’s recent developments:

  • Creating awareness for the future of Vietnamese markets in urban areas Tìm hiểu thêm
  • Improving the life of people in rural areas by value chain development Tìm hiểu thêm
  • Promoting and enhancing the competitive position of value added food ingredient products from Vietnam for export to the EU market Tìm hiểu thêm
  • Co-organizing Dairy Dialogue initiative to develop dairy zones in Vietnam Tìm hiểu thêm


NAJK study tour visits Fresh Studio

NAJK, a Dutch association for young farmers, organized a study tour through Vietnam in which agriculture and food security are the central topics. On the 25th of November they visited Fresh Studio in HCMC to discuss these themes.

A delegation of young farmers visited Vietnam with the aim to develop a better understanding of Vietnam, the agricultural sector in particular and the challenges young farmers are facing here. The study tour focused on food security, the global context and the role agriculture plays within this issue.

The delegation visited Fresh Studio in HCMC where Mr. René van Rensen, R&D Director Crops of Fresh Studio, presented the mission of Fresh Studio to grow better lives from farmers to consumers. He shared insights into Fresh Studio’s work on how vegetable sourcing systems were developed in the Central highlands and North-Vietnam.

There were numerous questions of NAJK related to the challenges regarding agricultural production and food safety, which producers are facing in Vietnam and the differences compared with the Netherlands. René stated that the main challenges in Vietnam are: small scale agricultural production systems and the fragmented market. In the 7 years he has been working in Vietnam he has seen improvement, by better cooperation within agricultural supply chains and the increasing level of production of agricultural products. However, there is still a lot to achieve in Vietnam regarding production levels, food safety and sustainability.

Read more about the complete study tour of NAJK from day-to-day (in Dutch): click hereAlso interesting to read:

Fresh Studio promotes Vietnam Dairy Dialogue initiative

HANOI – The dairy sector in Vietnam has developed progressively over the past decades with an annual increase of over 10% in terms of both milk production and herd size. In order to create a long-term sustainable development of the sector, innovative approaches and multidisciplinary joint-efforts are required.

Fresh Studio, on behalf of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, organized the first dairy dialogue titled “Vietnam Dairy Sector Dialogue – towards sustainable farming development” on December 4 in Sofitel Plaza Hanoi. The event aimed to assemble all main actors of the Vietnamese dairy sector around the table in order to find common ground to work together on how to further increase the quantity of locally produced milk while giving full considerations to quality and sustainability issues. 

The dialogue attracted over 50 dairy actors ranging from milk processors, governmental departments and other key stakeholders as input providers and research institutions.

For sustainable development of the dairy sector in Vietnam, both Mr. Vu Van Tam, the Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and Mr. Joop Scheffers, Ambassador of the Netherlands in Vietnam, emphasized the importance of the Vietnamese dairy dialogue. These presentations were followed by two keynote speeches: an overview of the Vietnamese dairy sector by the deputy director of Livestock Department of MARD, and the challenges for sustainable dairy sector development by Fresh Studio’s Senior Agriculture Consultant, Vo Van Phong.


fresh-studio2Mapping the challenges for Sustainable Dairy Development in Vietnam
Speaker: Mr. Vo Van Phong
Fresh Studio
Download: English Tiếng Việt

This first dialogue has produced fruitful results. All attendants acknowledge the need for a regular Vietnam dairy platform to discuss the challenges stakeholders face when working on sustainable solutions. Therefore, an interim steering committee, led by MARD, and three technical working groups have been established with allocated members and preliminary tasks. The steering committee and the technical working groups will work together on the agreed topics during the next six month after which the second dialogue will be held. FrieslandCampina Vietnam has agreed to organize this second dairy dialogue in June 2014.


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Fresh Studio organizes successful kiwifruit brand awareness program in HCMC

HCMC – Fresh Studio has collaborated with E-town Building to organize a sampling activity for a well-known international kiwifruit brand on October 25th, 2013.

Since 2009, Fresh studio has been assisting this international company in designing and implementing marketing plan for a global branded fruit to adapt and conquer Vietnam market.

See photos of this event on the bottom of this page.

This event is part of the following project:

Fruit marketingA global fruit brand contracted Fresh Studio to execute their marketing strategy in Vietnam and the Philippines.+ Read more

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Fresh Studio presents developments in food safety standards and the role of supermarkets in Asia

HCMC – The 9th and 10th of October 2013, the International Finance Cooperation (IFC) will organize a business roundtable for firms in the agribusiness sector. Fresh Studio is invited to speak.

The business roundtable focusses on opportunities for firms who are interested to build sustainable supply chains with smallholder farmers.

During the roundtable agribusinesses firms, financial institutions, training practitioners, donors and other experts will share and discuss their experiences with innovative business models which promote sustainability and food security.

Fresh Studio’s managing director, Siebe van Wijk will give a presentation about the latest developments in food standards in Vietnam and the role of supermarkets.

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Fresh Studio develops a dairy farm monitoring system

HANOI – ‘I am impressed to see how FrieslandCampina has worked successfully with local farmers to increase the production of fresh milk in Vietnam.’

Locally produced fresh milk now makes up 19% of national milk production,’ international cooperation minister Ben Knapen said yesterday after visiting a model farm and a milk processing plant in southern Vietnam. Both are owned and managed by FrieslandCampina.

Dairy communities
FrieslandCampina aims not only to boost production, but to develop ‘dairy communities’, Mr Knapen was told. Through education and training, the company has already helped 3,000 small farmers meet quality and sustainability standards, and collaborate with arable farmers who produce animal feed. FrieslandCampina organises the collection, processing and distribution of milk throughout Vietnam: from grass to glass – no mean feat in such a large country.

Fresh milk
The average farmer in Vietnam has 10 cows. Farms are generally many hours drive from the nearest milk factory, which supplies some 120,000 shops. Fresh milk is not easy to come by in Vietnam. Three-fourths of all milk products are made from imported raw materials, like milk powder. Demand for fresh milk products far exceeds supply. So FrieslandCampina is working with Heus, Wageningen University and Fresh Studios to increase fresh milk production by setting up ‘dairy development zones’.

From aid to trade
Mr Knapen’s visit to FrieslandCampina concluded his visit to Vietnam. He was interested in how the shift from aid to trade is being made. The Netherlands will end its bilateral development relationship with Vietnam at the end of this year (which year?), in favor of an economic relationship built on the knowledge and experience gained from development co-operation, and the expertise of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation.

At the end of his visit, Mr Knapen flew to Tokyo where he will attend the World Bank Group’s annual meeting.

Source: www.rijksoverheid.nlAlso interesting to read:

Fresh Studio presenting at Asia Fruit Logistica

Fresh Studio was invited to give a presentation during the business forum of the Asia Fruit Logistica. Fresh Studio’s managing director Siebe van Wijk gave a presentation titled: “Safe food for Urban Asia: Innovations in sourcing and marketing”.

The Asia Fruit Logistica is Asia’s leading trade show for the fresh produce sector. The Asia Fruit Logistica of 2013 attracted more than 6,500 top decision-makers from 64 countries to Hong Kong. For the first time, the team from the AsiaFruitCongress organized a business forum during the fair. Jan Doldersum of Rijk Zwaan (the Netherlands) and Siebe van Wijk of Fresh Studio (Vietnam) were invited to give a presentation about production innovations in Asia.

Jan Doldersum started with a interesting presentation about innovations as “roof top farming in Asia”, “Vertical farming systems” and “Hydroponic lettuce production using LED lights”.

Siebe’s presentation focused on the demand of Vietnamese consumers with regard to safe produce. The results are based on a large vegetable shop census consumer and intercept interviews in Hanoi (for additional information see Vegetable market locations in Hanoi). How the consumer demand can be met by introducing innovations in production, was shown with results of the work of the Fresh Studio R&D team:

  • introduction of greenhouse farming systems with crop lines and rice husk substrate;
  • extensive testing of new higher yielding and higher quality varieties.

In order to capture the demand for safe vegetables with premium prices, Fresh Studio developed a successful marketing campaign in Hanoi supermarkets for a safe vegetable brand. The presentation ended with showing images of this exciting campaign.

Questions from the audience after the presentation varied from “Why did you start Fresh Studio in Vietnam? There would be a big need for such a company in China as well” to “How do you communicate about the appearance of the greenhouse vegetables? If they look too good consumers might start to worry they have not been safely produced”.

For more information about the business forum at the AsiaFruitLogistica, please visit: www.asiafruitlogistica.comAlso interesting to read: