Sowing a bright future for economic development and women’s empowerment in Son La province, Vietnam through high-quality seedlings and greenhouse vegetables almost completed!

End 2019 Fresh Studio together with the project consortium Applied Horticulture Research, Royal Brinkman, BVB-Substrates, Semillas Fito and Gautier Semences started to identify 13 female farmers willing to investment in a plant nursery or vegetable production greenhouse in Son La province.

This was not an easy task as greenhouse production is relatively new in Son La province, but in 2019 5 female farmers had enough trust to join the project and the first plant nurseries and greenhouses were established. These plant nurseries and greenhouses were very well received and with their quality and design set a new standard. The first build nurseries and greenhouses in combination with the technical support by our local team of agronomist made it easier to earn the trust of more female farmers to join the project and invest themselves in a plant nursery or vegetable production greenhouse.

Today the project objective of realizing 8 plant nurseries and 5 vegetable production greenhouses has been realized with the final construction work completed. The work of the project now continues in the coming weeks, with training of farmers, field days to share knowledge and technologies and continues coaching and technical support through our local team or agronomists based in Moc Chau and Hanoi.  Rene van Rensen – Managing Partner / R&D Director crops was able to visit all location during is recent visit to Moc Chau, Van Ho and Mai Son.

Rene van Rensen: “It is really exciting to see how dedicated and proud the nursery and greenhouse owners are to produce seedlings and vegetables. It makes me very proud to see the progress they are making to work in a professional way and our team of Fresh Studio to realize all successfully! We can see already the positive impact this project has on developing a professional horticulture sector in Son La province in which women are in the lead. 

Through the plant nurseries local farmers have now access to high quality seedlings and improved and new varieties and through the vegetable production greenhouses local farmers learn how to extend their production season, produce vegetables they could not grow before, increase the yield and quality of their crops all in compliance with VietGAP to ensure food safety.

It gives us great pride to make knowledge and technologies available for the farmers in Son La so they have a bright future ahead!

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René van Rensen

Managing Partner / R&D Director Crops

Fresh Studio

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