BopInc and partners publishes: Towards collective impact at the Base of the Pyramid

BoP Innovation Center (BoPInc), together with partners (among others Fresh Studio) capture learnings from the program ‘Three Pilots for Pro-Poor Innovation’ (3P4PPI) in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Vietnam to improve the quality and enabling environment for future pilots. The insights about BoP partnerships are bundled in this third publication.

Successful implementation of inclusive innovations requires strong partnerships across countries and across sectors including companies, social entrepreneurs, BoP actors, NGOs, public authorities and knowledge institutes. Sharing risks, responsibilities, resources and competences with partners is necessary in order to co-create collective impact at the Base of the Pyramid.

A lot has been written on the importance of building strong partnerships that target and include low-income groups. However, there seems to be a lack of experience-based insights that reflect on existing BoP partnerships. This publication gives insights and tools to support organizations in finding the right partners and bringing inclusive innovations that improve the livelihood at the BoP to scale.

The publication is available through download on the BopInc website