The diverse climate conditions across both Vietnam and Myanmar enable both countries to grow a wide variety of crops. Ranging from staple crops like rice, potatoes, and corn to tropical and temperate vegetables and fruits to various kinds of spices and nuts. The export of these products is continuously increasing raising challenges in how to comply with quality and food safety standards for these export markets. Domestic consumers worrying about food safety and the sustainable production of fruits and vegetables also puts pressure on producers to comply with food safety standards and apply sustainable production methods. 

Vietnam’s farmers are eager to meet this increasing demand, but often lack access to knowledge, finance, and the technical means to consistently deliver to the standards required. In addition, production is fragmented across many smallholders increasing the complexity of developing a strong and stable value chain.  For the past 15 years, our team has been working with local producers to address these issues. Our work in crops such as avocados, potatoes, pomelo, lime, and horticulture crops has established a benchmark for value chain development in Vietnam and the region.

Pre-harvest management

Our team of agronomists is well experienced to enhance crop production systems, whether it involves improving yields, quality, food safety cost efficiency, sustainability, climate change resilience, or gender inclusiveness, our team has done it all.

Post-harvest management

Post-harvest management to maintain product quality and prevent post-harvest losses is becoming increasingly important in Vietnam and we have developed in various projects a cold chain from growers to the end consumers.

plant variety registration

Vietnam is a member of UPOV since 2006, enabling the registration and protection of plant breeders’ rights in Vietnam. Fresh Studio is registered with the Plant Variety Protection Office of Vietnam to register on behalf of plant variety owners for the registration of their varieties in Vietnam. Since 2006 we have successfully registered >300 varieties and are currently the largest applier of plant breeders’ rights in Vietnam.

Our team of experienced agriculture consultants and agronomists work together with growers to improve the production methods applied, introduce new technologies, and support growers to meet market requirements for sustainable production, food safety, product quality, and volume.