Creating market access for organic vegetables

Striving to improve organic agriculture in all areas from production to consumption in a sustainable manner, our client approached Fresh Studio for assistance in attaining market access for organic vegetables in Hanoi.

We established the food supply chain, by organizing and training farmer groups in business skills beyond cultivation, and linking them to supermarkets in Hanoi.

Using our consumer research, which delivered insights about the perception of organic vegetables, as well as consumer willingness to pay for organic quality, we developed a distinct market proposition for our client.

Our marketing team and in-house design translated the proposition into a complete set of in-store display, packaging and consumer communication materials. To educate consumers on organic quality, we organized an in-store information campaign, including promoters to answer consumer questions on the spot.

Consumers responded enthusiastically to products offered, which were sold out daily. Information about organic practices, in combination with high quality, professionally displayed produce allowed premium price levels while at the same time realizing consumer trust and satisfaction.