Our client faced significant changes in global trade with the entrance of multiple new players tightening the playing field….
Our client required a better understanding of the current market for (safe) vegetables and identification of opportunities for the future development of a new safe vegetable chain…..
Fresh Studio joined with leading Dutch potato breeding companies, to select new and potentially suitable potato varieties….
Within the framework of the Vietnam Facility, The Netherland Ministry of Economic affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, contracted Fresh Studio….
Since late 2010, the Fresh Studio aquaculture and fisheries team is working very hard for one of Fresh Studio’s clients to assist them in developing the first professional fresh….
Fresh Studio has successfully assisted one of the biggest fruit exporters of Vietnam in obtaining GLOBALG.A.P. certification for pomelo…..
Since 2007, Fresh Studio has been contracted by a multinational wholesaler to manage and develop their vegetable and fish sourcing systems, with the aim to improve product quality and….
The research resulted in potato breeds, which grow well across climate zones, and which offer sound market potential….
Since 2006, Fresh Studio has been contracted by a Dutch vegetable seed company – one of the world leaders in breeding and distributing innovative high quality vegetable seeds….
Striving to improve organic agriculture in all areas from production to consumption in a sustainable manner, our client approached Fresh Studio for assistance in attaining market access for organic….
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