The added value of working with an irrigation system on crop performance and financial costs to irrigate a crop. + Banner VF irrigation VN (428 KB) ____________________________________________________ Source: Fresh Studio Language:….
The effect of phosphorus fertiliser application on the yield of lettuce and feasibility to reduce the application of phosphorus fertiliser. + Banner VF phosporus VN (464 KB) ____________________________________________________ Source: Fresh Studio….
The result of potato variety and production method trials to optimize potato production. + Banner VF Potato VN (717 KB) ____________________________________________________ Source: Fresh Studio Language: Vietnamese Publication date: April 2012 Also….
Optimal stem density, pruning strategy and harvesting method for greenhouse sweet pepper production. + Banner VF Sweet pepper production VN (422 KB) ____________________________________________________ Source: Fresh Studio Language: Vietnamese Publication date: April….
The added value of sweet pepper production out of the soil, suitable substrate types and trials results with different substrate types. + Banner VF Sweet pepper substrate VN (492 KB) ____________________________________________________….
CAN THO – Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam on 2 November inaugurated its first platform in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho under the public-private partnership (PPP) format. Located….
CAN THO – Since late 2010, Fresh Studio’s aquaculture and fisheries team has worked hard to assist a client in developing the first professional fresh fish chain of Vietnam…..
DALAT – For one of its clients, Fresh Studio is conducting year round potato variety trials in its R&D farm in Lam Dong Province. The trials are aimed to….
DALAT – After hard work by our North Vietnam vegetable sourcing project team, the vegetable supply from smallholders in both the mountains in North Vietnam as well from the….
HCMC – Asia is set to become the epicentre for vegetable seed development over the next half-century, one expert predicts. Asia will become the centre for seed development over the….
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