Greenhouse sweet peppers are primarily grown in three colours: green, red and yellow. No matter what the final colour of the pepper, all sweet peppers start out green in….
Hydroponic cultivation is an artificial means of providing plants with support and a reservoir for nutrients and water. The simplest and oldest method for soilless culture is a vessel….
Potato is an important crop in Vietnam. The main production area is in North-Vietnam, but in the Central Highlands (Lam Dong Province) potato is also an important crop. Potatoes….
Irrigation is one of the most critical of all production practices. To provide conditions for optimum plant growth it is essential to become familiar with the factors that influence….
Crop scouting is an essential part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM uses field specific information and improved decision making to protect a crop’s yield and quality while minimizing….
End 2019 Fresh Studio together with the project consortium Applied Horticulture Research, Royal Brinkman, BVB-Substrates, Semillas Fito and Gautier Semences started to identify 13 female farmers willing to investment….
Vegetable cultivation started in the open field and for a large number of crops is still the preferred option. Especially when comparing financial inputs and outputs. In some regions….
The effect of the different types of adjuvants on the performance of crop protection products. + Banner VF Adjuvant VN (365 KB) ____________________________________________________ Source: Fresh Studio Language: Vietnamese Publication date: April….
The added value of working with an irrigation system on crop performance and financial costs to irrigate a crop. + Banner VF irrigation VN (428 KB) ____________________________________________________ Source: Fresh Studio Language:….
The effect of phosphorus fertiliser application on the yield of lettuce and feasibility to reduce the application of phosphorus fertiliser. + Banner VF phosporus VN (464 KB) ____________________________________________________ Source: Fresh Studio….
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