This project will enable access to good quality seeds, seedlings and knowledge and technologies for more advanced vegetable production to hundreds of local farmers and farmers groups, specifically targeting….
Preventing nutrition deserts for the urban poor within the transforming food retail environment in Vietnam. Nutrition insecurity among a growing number of urban poor in modernizing Southeast Asian metropolises….
Fresh Studio dug deeper into the presence of local fresh produce brands in one of Vietnam’s largest modern retail markets, Ho Chi Minh City, where surveys of 82 supermarkets….
As part of our inspection service offer, we have been responsible for assuring the integrity of the seafood purchased by a renowned airline for more than 4 years….
Aquaculture is a vital component of the social and economic tissue for many provinces in the Mekong Delta. In the riverine provinces of Vinh Long and Dong Thap, where….
Fresh Studio had the pleasure to organize a study tour for International Food & Agribusiness students from the HAS University of Applied Sciences Den Bosch of the Netherlands in….
2017 was a productive year for shrimp in most of the main countries of origin. Despite a strong performance, fundamental constraints continue to threaten the shrimp sector….
Fresh Studio is commissioned to analyze several reduced-input value chains in several GMS countries including Myanmar…..
The ‘Growing out of poverty with potato’ project aims to tackle this challenge and sets an example by creating a value chain for a high quality and sustainable potato….
Dutch and Vietnamese knowledge institutions, supported by the industry, have been working together since 2015 on the design and establishment of the Fresh Academy….
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