Fruit marketing in emerging markets

As the official marketing partner of Zespri International Ltd., Fresh Studio develops and leads the Zespri kiwifruit marketing campaign for Vietnam and the Philippines, taking on the task of developing the brand and ensuring its robust volume growth.


Zespri, is the world’s largest marketer of kiwifruit. Selling in more than 50 countries, it trades more than 30% of total global volume. It continues to expand globally, and has taken significant steps to grow key business regions.

The company, based in New Zealand, has set its sights in Southeast Asia (SEA). This is a region that has performed strongly for the business and aims to further harness an immense growth potential. Two upcoming and exciting markets, the Philippines and Vietnam, form part of its strategic outlook. With their rising economic levels and huge consumption populations, the promise of growth is tremendous.

The value of promotional activities and relationship marketing has had a direct positive impact.

Challenged by the prospect of launching the brand into unfamiliar territory, Zespri recognized the need to have a strong local working knowledge and an approach tailor-fitted to the markets.

Fresh Studio has been tapped by Zespri to bring its marketing and brand expertise in these developing markets – leading the campaigns in the consumer and business development fronts since 2008. Fresh Studio has an extensive market knowledge, local consumer understanding and solid business development experience in these countries. These strengths exploited to effectively develop the product through multiple platforms and prime it for growth.


Both markets are distinctly diverse. Against the backdrop of vast geographical landscapes, each has a different set of established distribution structures and consumer profiles. The kiwifruit, as well, is relatively new to these markets. Therefore, finding the right channels, developing awareness about the fruit and the brand – all play a big role if a successful foray in these countries is to be achieved. Within this context and backed by its strong local market experience, Fresh Studio developed an integrated marketing and business development campaign.

Fresh Studio’s strategic approach is three-fold: 

1) Publicity through Media
2) Consumer Engagement in the grassroots, and
3) Customer Development activities targeting Zespri business clients.

With several key marketing initiatives in place, Fresh Studio continues to drive the brand in both markets – through product launches and sustained exposure in various PR & Media channels, consumer promotions across grassroots selling channels, and business development activities geared towards direct Zespri partners.


The value of promotional activities and relationship marketing has had a direct positive impact.

From a product that has been experienced by consumers as unfamiliar, the kiwifruit category has increased awareness and recognition – with Zespri being top of mind among consumers in the kiwifruit category.

In distribution, penetration is always key. Fresh Studio’s marketing and development team has worked hard to develop this. As a result, Zespri is now the established and highly preferred brand among the most important distribution channel players in the Philippines and Vietnam.

With Fresh Studio leading the respective country campaigns, the volume growth of Zespri in these markets has been equally impressive. The marketing activities have significantly driven and contributed to the double-digit year-on-year sales growth since 2008. Further still, the business outlook for both countries remains consistently positive and upbeat in the long term.