Development of professional fresh fish chain

CAN THO – Since late 2010, Fresh Studio’s aquaculture and fisheries team has worked hard to assist a client in developing the first professional fresh fish chain of Vietnam.

The Vietnamese aquaculture sector currently focuses on deep frozen export chains for pangasius and shrimp. This chain project focuses on over 50 fish species already popular in the domestic market. The domestic chain consists of only fresh fish, which requires strict product quality control.

During large fish farmer information sessions, widely covered by Vietnamese television and newspapers, the targets for the new fish sourcing system were presented. An overwhelming number of farmers registered to join the new program. Over 250 fish farmers have since been trained in the required product specifications, and to comply with aquaculture production standards. The first supply of fresh fish, through a newly developed professional fresh fish processing facility, will begin soon.Also interesting to read:

Potato cultivation trials

DALAT – For one of its clients, Fresh Studio is conducting year round potato variety trials in its R&D farm in Lam Dong Province.

The trials are aimed to test a large range of improved potato varieties, as well as new potato production protocols for the use of fertilizers and crop protection products. The first trials have been harvested, showing interesting differences. The second trials are already half way and both the FS team and farmers are anxiously waiting for the final results.

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North Vietnam vegetable supply

DALAT – After hard work by our North Vietnam vegetable sourcing project team, the vegetable supply from smallholders in both the mountains in North Vietnam as well from the Red River lowlands has begun.

Over 18 different vegetables are being produced under a private GAP standard by one of Fresh Studio’s clients. These vegetables also comply with the Vietnamese national safe vegetable certificates. Besides being a safe product, vegetables from kohlrabi to lettuce (such as lollo green, lollo red, romaine, cucumber, radish, and kang kong) are of a much higher standard than those available before. Soon, a professional vegetable packing house will be launched, after which sourcing volumes and numbers of farmers involved can rapidly increase.