New milestone: Over 100 plant varieties registered by Fresh Studio in Vietnam

Since 2006 Vietnam is a member the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV). Fresh Studio is offering its services to register plant varieties in Vietnam on behalf of its clients since 2016. This April (2017) we received the 100th successful registration from the Plant Variety Protection Office in Vietnam.

New plant varieties are continuously bred by plant breeders all over world. This is very important work as through plant breeding farmers and growers get access to improved plant varieties with features such as improved yield, quality and disease resistance. These improved varieties assist farmers and growers to improve production while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Plant breeding is a long (multiple years) and expensive process and most plant varieties can be easily and quickly reproduced. In the case of a new plant variety it is therefore important to register the intellectual property rights: the breeder’s rights, to protect and recover the investment to develop a new plant variety.

When a variety is protected by the breeder’s rights, the authorization of the breeder is required to propagate the variety for commercial purposes. The breeder’s rights is granted by the individual UPOV members, in this case Vietnam. Fresh Studio is one of the first companies in Vietnam to offer its services to register the breeder’s rights in Vietnam on behalf of its clients. Currently Fresh Studio has submitted over 100 applications for breeder’s rights in Vietnam and is the largest applicant for breeder’s rights in Vietnam. For the registration of the breeder’s rights and the enforcement of these rights Fresh Studio is working in close cooperation with Royalty Administration International® C.V.

For more information to register and protect your plant variety in Vietnam contact Royalty Administration International® C.V. or Fresh Studio.