Dự án

The successful introduction and adoption of the hybrid tropical shallot variety Maserati by Vietnamese shallot farmers in the Mekong delta is a crucial component of the impact cluster: “Transition….
Shallots are a crucial source of income for farmers and workers, who mostly belong to the Khmer ethnicity. For those Khmer who have been able to switch to shallot….
The “Strengthening the Mango value chain in the Mekong Delta” project aims to enable stakeholders throughout the value chain to successfully implement identified innovations to enhance their business in….
The Powering Aquaculture Progress (PAP) project is public-private partnership set to improve the modernization and development of aquaculture supply chains in Myanmar….
This project will enable access to good quality seeds, seedlings and knowledge and technologies for more advanced vegetable production to hundreds of local farmers and farmers groups, specifically targeting….
Preventing nutrition deserts for the urban poor within the transforming food retail environment in Vietnam. Nutrition insecurity among a growing number of urban poor in modernizing Southeast Asian metropolises….
In Vietnam, the province of Soc Trang is famous for its purple onion. However, it is no longer the onion itself but the onion farmers which are grabbing headlines….
Seafood Trade Intelligence Portal, Fresh Studio and Solidaridad kicked off the Aquaculture Innovation Challenge with an inspiring event to bridge the gap between innovators and impact investors in the….
To reinforce potato production and boost potato consumption in Vietnam 3 companies and 1 institution with the aid of the Dutch government, joined forces to vitalise the Vietnamese potato….
SAPA (Sustainable and Affordable Poultry for All) aims at improving the food security and rural incomes of smallholder poultry and corn farmers in Myanmar through a public private partnership….
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