Accelerating Innovation for the Poor

AMSTERDAM – During 3 Pilots for Pro-Poor Innovation (3P4PPI) conference in Amsterdam Sigrid Wertheim-Heck, marketing director of Fresh Studio, headed a round table discussion on market intelligence and consumer insights at the Base of the Pyramid.

Economies in Africa and Asia are rising. The poor are gaining buying power, which makes Base of the Pyramid (BoP) markets more attractive for the private sector. However, access to basic services remains a challenge. Innovations are needed!

This business meeting showed with presentations and round table sessions how to Accelerate Innovation for the Poor. The conference showcased how entrepreneurs have successfully introduced products and services in low-income countries Sigrid headed one of the round tables during the breakout session ‘Nurture and grow! Bridging the pioneer gap.’ The topic included local understanding – New market intelligence. In particular how to obtain in-depth insights and how to translate insights into new business opportunities was discussed. The group interaction importantly involved the sharing of practical experiences.

Furthermore, presentations were given to showcase the outcomes of 3P4PPI researches in Africa and Asia and follow-up activities that support the development of BoP-ventures. Fresh Studio presented the accomplishments of the interventions in safe vegetable production and marketing in Vietnam.

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