Fresh Studio joins GMS agricultural ministers meeting in Siem Reap

On 6 to 8 September Fresh Studio joined the Greater Mekong Subregion Ministers Meeting (GMS AMM2) in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The meeting was sponsored by the GMS Core Agriculture Support Program (CASP) within the Asian Development Bank.

This 3-day event focused on safe and sustainable agriculture value chains, facilitating cross-border trade of agricultural products, exchanging best practices and expanding collaboration among stakeholders.

Agriculture ministers from the six GMS countries – Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam – attended the event and endorsed the GMS SEAP Strategy and Siem Reap Action Plan. A lot of activities were held during the event, including meetings, Policy Forum, public-private sector dialogue and Market exhibition of private companies working on organic and innovative agriculture practices.

The event was divided in 3 days

Day 1: Siem Reap Policy Forum

A policy forum on “Developing safe, sustainable and inclusive agro-based value chains in the GMS” was established. This forum connects government, private sector as well as researchers to discuss about the recommendations to make GMS as a reputable supplier of safe agro-products. During the first day René van Rensen, R&D director Crops, presented about Fresh Studio experience on “Food Safety and Quality Assurance on Fruits and Vegetables”. Rene delivered key messages about the value of Vietnam fruit and vegetable products, food safety issues, market access problem and the importance of having effective measures to promote sales within the region.

Day 2: Development Partners’ Forum and the Public-Private Dialogue and Roundtable

The program of the day was divided into plenary and parallel sections of the open and closed-door meetings. The Development Partners’ Forum updated the progress of the program to all partners whilst discussing the synergies and opportunities for enhancing investment in value chain development. The public and private sectors also discussed about the implemention of the GMS Strategy and Action Plan and mechanisms of public and private collaboration.

Day 3: Second GMS Agriculture Ministers’ Meeting

The Ministers of Agriculture from 6 GMS countries discussed and endorsed the Joint Ministerial Statement.

Dutch ready to provide added agricultural value

The Netherlands and Vietnam are both world players in the export of agricultural products. VIR’s Hanh Tung talks with Simon van der Burg, the Netherlands consul-general in Ho Chi Minh City, on the business opportunities offered by Vietnam’s agriculture and food sector to Dutch firms.

Dutch agriculture is renowned for its high-quality know-how and has a good international reputation concerning food safety and sustainable production. There are examples of Dutch success in Vietnam’s agriculture sector like FrieslandCampina, De Heus, Dalat Hasfarm or Nedcoffee. What are the reasons behind their success?

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Source: Holland, pioneers in international business

Publication date: June 2014

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Successful agricultural projects show great opportunities for future investments Vietnam is one of the 11 countries in the world which applies the PPP model in agricultural projects on a trial basis …+ Read more

Private Public Partnership: Successful agricultural projects show great opportunities for future investments

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) has held a conference on PPP (Public Private Partnership) investment in agriculture which shows its high interest in the investment mode. Vietnam is one of the 11 countries in the world which applies the PPP model in agricultural projects on a trial basis.

Innovative public private partnerships are a key instrument to improve food security and agricultural sustainability in Vietnam. The model has attracted the participation of 15 trans-national groups, including Metro Cash & Carry, Unilever, Nestle, Syngenta and Fresh Studio.

Fresh Studio has been involved in several PPP projects, amongst others to build up a fish production chain meeting international standards which supports the penetration of Vietnamese seafood products in retail chains.

Setting up a vegetable and fish sourcing system
The assignment began with the establishment of a sourcing system in Dalat (Central Highlands of Vietnam) …+ Read more

Fresh Studio is also committed to developing business partnerships to improve the safety and quality of vegetables, while benefiting farmers. In 2013, Fresh Studio organized a conference, titled ‘Supplying the market of tomorrow’. This event took attendees on a one-day journey into the future of safe, healthy and high value food in Vietnam and offered a platform for (inter)national businesses to meet with key stakeholders from the public sector including Vietnamese government, foreign embassies, NGOs, academia, media and consumers.

Conference: Supplying the Market of Tomorrow
Read and download the presentations given by the Dutch Ambassador, Metro, BopInc and Fresh Studio …+ Read more

The successful results of agriculture projects implemented under the mode of PPP show great opportunities for the participation of more foreign and domestic companies to realize the sustainable development of five industries: tea, coffee, vegetables, fisheries and commodities.



Publication date: May 2014

The Netherlands, Vietnam enhance agricultural cooperation

HANOI – Dutch Deputy Minister for Agriculture Hans Hoogeveen together with representatives of prestigious corporations and companies in the high-tech agricultural sector, such as Greenport Holland, Incotec and Fresh Studio on the occasion of the visit to Vietnam said, “The Netherlands will actively support Vietnam in selecting and growing fruit and vegetables in greenhouse, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, lettuce, eggplant and kohlrabi.

In addition, the Netherlands will also help Vietnam apply advanced techniques in agricultural production in order to improve Vietnam’s fruit and vegetables.”

Dutch Deputy Minister for Agriculture Hans Hoogeveen also said that Vietnam had a diverse climate. Therefore, the cultivation of many different varieties of fruit and vegetables, especially high quality fruit-trees, such as oranges, tangerines, durians, pineapples, bananas, mango and dragon fruit would meet the demands of both domestic and foreign consumers. He also highly appreciated the efforts of Vietnam in the development of VietGAP-certified products and fruit-vegetable exports to the US, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

“Vietnam has implemented a number of cooperation projects with developed countries and international organizations, such as the US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, India and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to research and develop new varieties of fruit and vegetables. However, cooperation between the Netherlands and Vietnam in the near future will help Vietnam access advanced agricultural production techniques in order to improve added value chain for Vietnamese fruit and vegetables,” Hans Hoogeveen said.

Exchanging genetic resources for use in the breeding process; supporting preservation and processing technologies; sharing regional and international market information and experiences in researching and developing fruit-trees will be major objectives of the Dutch-Vietnamese cooperation in the near future.

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Publication date: August 2013Also interesting to read:

Dutch young man blowing fresh air for Vietnamese agricultural products

HANOI – In his story, Siebe van Wijk always used images to illustrate such as: farmers on the paddy field, harvester in green house, fish seller in the market.

All of these images contain a poor life, a smile, sad eyes and lament when there products are broken or reject. The young Dutch man talks about agricultural product of Vietnam as if it was the story of his family.

6 years ago, when he for the first time visited Vietnam, he fell in love with this country because there were quite some similarities with the Netherlands. For example by doing so well in agriculture, produce the value to feed the people, and the very high population density. Despite being a small country the Netherlands manage to be the second largest country in the world in terms of the value of exports of agriculture products, with a value of about $ 50 billions. Like the Dutch, Vietnamese like business, earn money, become the owner and develop. Each household farmer want to have progress, take risks, effort to get rich… but quite a large majority is still poor.

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Source: Tuoi Tre News paper

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