Fresh Studio presents developments in food safety standards and the role of supermarkets in Asia

HCMC – The 9th and 10th of October 2013, the International Finance Cooperation (IFC) will organize a business roundtable for firms in the agribusiness sector. Fresh Studio is invited to speak.

The business roundtable focusses on opportunities for firms who are interested to build sustainable supply chains with smallholder farmers.

During the roundtable agribusinesses firms, financial institutions, training practitioners, donors and other experts will share and discuss their experiences with innovative business models which promote sustainability and food security.

Fresh Studio’s managing director, Siebe van Wijk will give a presentation about the latest developments in food standards in Vietnam and the role of supermarkets.

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Fresh Studio presenting at Asia Fruit Logistica

Fresh Studio was invited to give a presentation during the business forum of the Asia Fruit Logistica. Fresh Studio’s managing director Siebe van Wijk gave a presentation titled: “Safe food for Urban Asia: Innovations in sourcing and marketing”.

The Asia Fruit Logistica is Asia’s leading trade show for the fresh produce sector. The Asia Fruit Logistica of 2013 attracted more than 6,500 top decision-makers from 64 countries to Hong Kong. For the first time, the team from the AsiaFruitCongress organized a business forum during the fair. Jan Doldersum of Rijk Zwaan (the Netherlands) and Siebe van Wijk of Fresh Studio (Vietnam) were invited to give a presentation about production innovations in Asia.

Jan Doldersum started with a interesting presentation about innovations as “roof top farming in Asia”, “Vertical farming systems” and “Hydroponic lettuce production using LED lights”.

Siebe’s presentation focused on the demand of Vietnamese consumers with regard to safe produce. The results are based on a large vegetable shop census consumer and intercept interviews in Hanoi (for additional information see Vegetable market locations in Hanoi). How the consumer demand can be met by introducing innovations in production, was shown with results of the work of the Fresh Studio R&D team:

  • introduction of greenhouse farming systems with crop lines and rice husk substrate;
  • extensive testing of new higher yielding and higher quality varieties.

In order to capture the demand for safe vegetables with premium prices, Fresh Studio developed a successful marketing campaign in Hanoi supermarkets for a safe vegetable brand. The presentation ended with showing images of this exciting campaign.

Questions from the audience after the presentation varied from “Why did you start Fresh Studio in Vietnam? There would be a big need for such a company in China as well” to “How do you communicate about the appearance of the greenhouse vegetables? If they look too good consumers might start to worry they have not been safely produced”.

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Asia sows seeds of change

HCMC – Asia is set to become the epicentre for vegetable seed development over the next half-century, one expert predicts.

Asia will become the centre for seed development over the next 50 years, according to agricultural consultancy and research and development company Fresh Studio.

The group’s Siebe van Wijk says ‘modern’ agriculture is relatively young in asia, and the rise of the professional vegetable seed sector in Asia has only just begun.

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Source: AsiaFruit Magazine

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Agriculture Outlook Asia 2009: Siebe van Wijk invited speaker

SINGAPORE – Siebe van Wijk, Director of Fresh Studio Vietnam, has been invited to speak during the Agriculture Outlook Asia 2009 Conference.

Agriculture Outlook Asia 2009 brings together regulators, investors and farm operators to discuss strategies for professionalizing and organizing agriculture in the Asia region. This event will take place from the 14th till the 16th of September in Singapore. For more information visit:

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Changing mindsets key to overcoming Asia’s supply chain challenge

BANGKOK- Changing the mindset of the key people in the Asian fresh produce supply chain is the major challenge for companies seeking to apply solutions to the problems currently facing the industry. That was the standout message from the final session: ‘Case studies from the Asian fresh produce supply chain.’

As Siebe van Wyk of Fresh Studio Innovations Asia noted, many Asian producing-countries face challenges with rapid expansion of growing areas, multiple smallholders, lack of market information and price wars. The parties in the supply chain are typically focused on their own competitiveness rather than that of the overall chain. Fresh Studio is focused on shifting Asia’s produce trade from this traditional product chain scenario to a “value chain” where traders, farmers and retailers form a strategic alliance that focuses on the competitiveness of the overall chain.

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Source: AsiaFruit Magazine

Publication date: September 2007Also interesting to read: