Limgroup and Fresh Studio join forces in Vietnam

When you think of Vietnam you will probably not directly think of asparagus production, but asparagus production in Vietnam is on the raise. Increasing demand from local consumers and good prices, results in an increasing asparagus production area with currently several thousand hectares. In Vietnam the focus is on green asparagus, which is mainly used in stir fried dishes.

Although the market is growing, access to the best suitable asparagus varieties and knowledge how to get the best results is for most asparagus farmers still a challenge. This is something Limgroup and Fresh Studio realised and have seen as an opportunity to join forces. The business activities of Limgroup and Fresh Studio complement each other greatly and together they are very well positioned to support the Vietnamese asparagus farmers with asparagus production, while in the meantime also developing their own business.

Limgroup is an internationally active breeding company based in the Dutch town Horst. The company specialises in the crops asparagus and strawberries. Especially in the field of asparagus, Limgroup is a leading global player offering varieties for all climate zones and applications.

Fresh Studio is an international company with a strong focus on Vietnam and Myanmar providing consultancy services and technologies within the agricultural sector. We are dedicated to make a positive impact on sustainable food production, farmers lives and consumers enjoyment of food.

For more information contact:

John Schoeber

Marketing en Sales Director – Limgroup

René van Rensen

R&D Director Crops – Fresh Studio