Fresh Studio investigates fruit sector of Cambodia

PHNOM PHEN – Siebe van Wijk and Jeroen Pasman recently returned from Cambodia, where they investigated the potential of the Cambodian fruit sector for exports within Asia and possibly to Europe.

To date, the Cambodian fruit sector has not been considered a viable proposition. Siebe and Jeroen found a vibrant domestic sector, relatively high domestic fruit prices, and several good quality domestically produced fruits, which certainly have potential for exports to Asia and Europe.Also interesting to read:

Fresh Studio presenting at World Potato Congress 2009

CHRISTCHURCH – Sigrid Wertheim-Heck will present on “Creating value chains in Asia” as a guest speaker at the 7th World Potato Congress in Christchurch, New Zealand.

This conference is attended annually, by 500 key players in the potato industry. For more information about the conference visit:

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AsiaFruit: Interview with Siebe van Wijk

HANOI – Siebe van Wijk is one of the owners of Fresh Studio and director of operations in Vietnam. The company is a professional services firm engaged in consulting and research and development within the fresh produce industry.

What were you doing before answering theses questions?

I just came back from the Mekong Delta where we opened our third office, which focuses on the 300,000ha of tropical fruits produced in the area.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

Going for a hike in the mountains of the Central Highlands of Vietnam with my wife and son.

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Source: AsiaFruit Magazine

Publication date: March 2009

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